It is often said that teachers are frustrated actors or writers. I plead guilty to both counts. However, I do not feel so frustrated as I have incorporated a lot of acting and writing in my pedagogical activities. Here, the texts are mainly low rather than high literature, but it has all been tried and tested at the microcosmic level with great success.

Playlets, Pantomime and Short Stories

My short spoof “Nightmare at Christmas” has been enacted by the staff on several occasions and provides a grim, but humorous of view of the actual horrors involved in an English Christmas. My version of the “Dick Whittington” pantomime was written originally for the Second Erfurt Symposium for mythical and cultural aspects in the primary classroom. It has been performed at Erfurt in various guises to great public acclaim. I had written, produced and performed in many pantomimes in England during my days as a secondary teacher. The reason why I decided to write them was that the published versions I had obtained from the local public library were so awful I felt I could not produce them. In addition, the copyright laws pertaining to pantomimes are extremely strict and even for school performances the costs were prohibitive. However, anyone who purchases one copy of my pantomime at ten Euros has automatically full performance rights. Other literary products can be found on this web page, which I hope to expand, should there be a positive response.